July 4, 2019

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Mindfulness This Being Human

October 10, 2019

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Wisdom Beyond Words, Mindfulness of the Body

February 27, 2017

If  you practice mindfulness in the deepest sense (coming up close to what is here in your own internal framework with receptivity moment to moment) whether you know it or not, you are also strengthening your intuitive nature. See, we are all blessed to be born with an internal instinct, a deep inner knowing that is beyond logic or reasoning, but just as we can become out of touch with our body’s needs for movement, stillness and consumption, the further the distance we live away from our bodies the more we can become out of touch with this internal instinct. I know this very well because the truth is for many years unknowingly, I was out of touch with mine…


It was 2013, when I woke up to this reality. There I was in Bali for my yoga teacher training receiving a session with a Clairvoyant Energy Worker. Prior to this point, I had never had a spiritual reading of any kind, but was curious and open to what would be discovered, so I laid still for approximately one hour, while this worker hovered her hands over top of me and periodically stopping to write down things. After the reading was over she went over in detail about what she had found, and to my surprise one of the things she mentioned was that I good intuition, but I needed to trust it more.


After spending some time reflecting, to my discovery she was so right! When it came to making life decisions, I spent more time "thinking" about them than trusting my own innate wisdom, only to be left feeling more confused, insecure and indecisive about what to do. This process of  "over thinking" decisions is like shaking up a snow globe, expecting to see a clearer picture.


Think about it, when you are caught up in discursive thought, it as if you are shaking your mind up like a snow globe, all the while, trying to see a clearer picture. Doesn't really work that well does it?



I have learned that in order for me to experience greater clarity on decisions I need to make, I need to first, gently put down the snow globe (my discursive mind)  by turning towards the wisdom of my body instead, the wisdom found beyond words. 


A wisdom that arises from fully experiencing physical sensations in my body and the feeling tones behind them.


It is here that I experience not only a greater clarity about what to do, but also a deeper trust about the decision I am needing to make. Oh, I can see clearly now the rain has gone :) 


Invitation to Practice…Wisdom Beyond Words...

Take a moment to settle into your body and breath. Feel your body sitting here, and notice the sensations of where your body meets the ground and the chair, while you find that balance between sitting up right and ease. Suggestion to take a few expansive breaths and then begin to feel your breath in it's own natural rhythm for a few moments.


After becoming acquainted with your body and breath, when your are ready, bring to mind a decision that you need to make. It doesn’t need to be anything major, just something that is causing you some level of distress.


Hold each case scenario one by one in your mind, and notice how your body responds to each one. Do you notice any particular physical sensations that are arising and passing away? Do they have feeling tones of pleasant, unpleasant or neutral? Which scenario gives rise to feelings of spaciousness or freedom in your body? Which scenario gives rise to feelings of constriction or heaviness? 


Continue to pay special attention the feeling tones and the way in which your body feels moment to moment as you ponder each scenario. It may take a few times of bringing each scenario to mind and coming back to your body before it becomes more clear on what your body is guiding you to do, and than it is your job to trust the wisdom that is beyond words.



To learn more about how yoga, mindfulness and meditation can benefit you check out my website at www.findingstillnessinmovement.com or email me at brandi@findingstillnessinmovement.com

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